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How Do I Englishi stuDy?



1English is an important subject, so we must try our best to learn it well. But that is the problem: how do i study English. Some people think that if we want to learn English well. We must learn English grammars well first. Ot...

D 试题分析:根据语境可知此句的含义是我通过读英语杂志来学习英语.通过某种方式做某事常用介词by,其后常跟动词的ing形式.故选D.点评:介词的考察也是初中英语考试的重点,平时牢记他们的应用原则。考试中结合具体语境选择合适答案。


Develop your interest in English, interest is often very important. Of course method is more important! First of all, you should learn from the English phonetic symbol, at least you can see some phonetic symbols after a word is...

How do I Study English? It’s not easy to study English. When I studied English, I had to face many troubles. For example, I couldn’t pronounce some of the words. I usually forget a lot of new words. Then I practiced reading and...

答:用 by [解析] by + doing 表示“通过做……”,即方法。

不对,语义重复。 How can I improve my English就够了。


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